Democracy Watch is taking federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson and Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd to court – challenging their dangerously weak and unlawful enforcement records.

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Since they were appointed in 2007, both the Ethics Commissioner and the Lobbying Commissioner have let more than 80% of people who have violated the rules off the hook. Their dangerously weak enforcement has let hundreds of federal politicians, government officials, and lobbyists get away with violating federal laws.

The federal Liberals decided last June to keep the Ethics Commissioner and Lobbying Commissioner in their positions until December, then they reappointed them for another 6 months, and they have just reappointed them again. The law says that they are only allowed to serve one 6-month term, and it’s a conflict of interest for the Liberal Cabinet to reappoint them because both commissioners are investigating Prime Minister Trudeau.

Democracy Watch has 3 court cases underway:

  1. challenging the Ethics Commissioner’s failure to rule properly on several complaints;
  2. challenging the Ethics Commissioner’s illegal “smokescreens” that allow Cabinet ministers and government officials to hide conflicts of interest, and;
  3. challenging the reappointment of the Ethics Commissioner and the Lobbying Commissioner.

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Latest News About the Cases

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